Cost of Ownership

SecureTV designed UltraCAS 4K to be ultra-secure, reliable, with low deployment costs and a low total cost of ownership for small, medium, and very large pay-TV services. Active software and system monitoring detects issues before they cause outages reducing support costs. UltraCAS runs on the right size hardware for the job, running on low-cost Intel i3/i5 based systems for small networks, and i7/Xeon multi-core CPUs for large systems.

UltraCAS cost benefits:

●      Servers sized for small, medium, and large deployments use the right sized hardware for the job

●     Unified CAS and DRM reduces TV Anywhere costs

●      Efficient and high performance software reduces hardware costs

●      Active system monitors reduce support costs

●      Innovative system architecture reduces disk I/O that allows lower cost hardware to be deployed

●      Software CAS with innovative security methods elimenate smartcard costs and expensive card swaps

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