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UltraCAS has been designed from the ground up to provide better than 99.999% (5-nine) reliability. Dynamic System Monitoring in UltraCAS uses software running on redundant hardware to monitor in real-time the scheduled processing tasks, and should the primary system skip as little as one-beat, the failover server seamlessly and automatically takes over elimenating outages. In addition, the system as a whole has been designed to automatically recover from hardware failures in a cooperative manner with the database and system processing recovering from hardware failures and outages automatically without technician interaction.

UltraCAS is UltraReliable:

●     Active workflow monitoring dynamically detects task failures

●     Active process monitoring monitors processes across servers

●     Failover health checking verifies the integrity of the redundant hardware

●     Automatic role switching allows primary servers to assume primary role when failed hardware is replaced with failover servers switching frombackup roles.

●     Active database monitoring detects database failures before they cause system outages

●     Distributed database integrity checking verifies data synchronization across multiple distributed systems and databases.

●     1:1 and 1:N redundancy

●     Efficient system design virtually eliminates database as choke pointimproving system performance and reliability.

Contact us for our one hundred million gigabyte reliability report that details the stress test results for UltraCAS running in a 350 channel configuration.